The Four Yogas

I have another quote translated, and this one was a puzzler. The problem I had is that it's rather technical and I wasn't sure when to translate it literally and when to take the word as a proper name. For eaxample, "samadhi like a lion's leap" could be the name of a specific meditation or just an analogy. I do believe I've made some progress. The first time I tried to translate it, I wound up with a jumble. The quote is talking about different stages of progress in the practice of mahamudra. These are usually sumarized as the four yogas: one-pointedness, simplicity, one-taste, and non-meditatation. So please read my translation with that in mind.

rnal 'byor rim pa bzhi po 'ang ā li kā li gsang ba
bsam mi khyab pa'i rgyud las/
seng ge rnam par bsgyings pa'i ting 'dzin gyis
mi g.yo rtse gcig dwangs ma'i shes pa gsal/ rang
rig ye shes khong nas sad par byed/ bzod pa brtan
pos ngan song sdug bsngal spong/ gnyis dang bral sgyu ma lta
bu'i ting 'dzin gyis/ spros dang bral ba'i mnyam
bzhag chen po la/ bsam gyis mi khyab ting 'dzin rtsal
du 'char/ drod thob nas ni skye ba dbang ba yin/
gsum pa dpa' bar 'grol ba'i ting 'dzin gyis/ du ma
ro gcig sa bcu'i rtogs pa 'char/ dus gsum rgyal
ba'i sras po gzhan don mdzad/ rtse mo thob nas 'phel
ba rgyun mi 'char/ bzhi pa rdo rje lta bu'i ting 'dzin
gyis/ bsgom du med pa'i nyams len brtson pa las/
mkhyen pa'i ye shes sang rgyas zhing khams mtho/
ma btsal lhun grub chos mchog chen po'i ngang/ zhes
gsungs so/

The Four Stages of Yoga in the Secret Alphabet:
Through the samadhi that is like a lion's leap one develops unwavering single pointedness and the clear nature of mind shines forth. One awakens to the self cognizant wisdom within. Through attaining the stage of warmth one develops the steady patience which eliminates the suffering of the three lower realms. The creative power arises through the inconceivable samadhi. Having attained the stage of heat, one obtains mastery. Through the recognition of the one taste of diverse phenomena, the ten bodhisattva grounds appear. One becomes an heir of the buddhasI of the three times and accomplishes the benefit of others. Continually increasing one's accomplishment, the summit will arise. Through the vajre-like samadhi the fourth stage, the practice of non-meditation will arise. The wisdom knowledge of a buddha exceeds that of the highest realms. They are the unsought for but spontaneously present supreme qualities of the great expanse.