Repeating Myself

This quote is a near twin of the previous one. The only difference is that the sun is used in the analogy instead of lamps. Shavari is part of the Kagyu mahamudra lineage, the teacher of Maitripa, who was Marpa's teacher. Tradition says that he was originally a hunter and converted after Aavalokiteshvara defeated him in an archery contest. He asked how he could be such a great archer and Avalokiteshvara taught him the dharma. Here is the quote and its translation.

sha wa ris/
kye ma nyi ma sprin bral 'od zer kun khyab kyang/
mig med pa la mun pa rtag tu snang/ lhan cig skyes
pas kun la khyab gyur kyang/ rmongs pa dag la de nyid
shin tu ring/

From Shavari:
Alas! Although the beams of light of the Sun freed from clouds fill all the sky, the blind can never perceive them. Although the connate nature pervades everything, the deluded are far away from suchness.